Model 6650 Mini Humidifier


A high quality humidifier with build-in LED light control that is ultra silent and energy saving. Comes with mist adjustment and an automatically power off feature when the tank is empty. Add a few drops of your favourite humidifier solution to unwind and create a relaxing atmosphere.




180mm width x 195mm height; with a water capacity of 1.2 to 1.8 litres

Model 6650 Mini Humidifier

  • Turn the blue tank upside down, unscrew cap and fill tank with cool tap water. Using distilled water can help to reduce mineral water build up in the humidifier. Add desirable amount of humidifier solution into the water to enhance fragrance.

    After refilling of water, avoid using force or strength and lightly screw back the cap. Position the blue tank into the white base and switch on the power supply. You may adjust mist control at the tuning the knob on the white base.