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Round Ionizer Air Purifier

Round Ionizer Air Purifier


Round Ionizer Air Purifier 



An effective air revitalisor with ion and LED lighting to help to purify & freshen indoor air quallity. It helps to remove harmful fine air particles, pollutants, and air-borne germs for healthier wel-being.




180mm width x 185mm height 

  • Specifications

    Power Supply 

    A/C 220-220V / 50Hz 



    <24 watt


    Negative Ion

    3 millions ions/cm3



    Warm Colour LED Lights



    Purifying Capacity


  • Direction

    Remove top cover and add cool tap water into water reserve. Water level to be below MAX level line. Add Aroma concentrate to enhance scents and replace top cover. Connect power cord. Press the ON/OFF button once (top) to power up devices. Press the ON/OFF button  twice to turn off the LED lighting while the purifier and ion generator still in operation. Press the ON/OFF button third times to power off. For more effective scents output change water daily and add aroma concentrate.

  • Warranty

    All devices purchased locally in Singapore comes with a complimentary warranty for 180 days. 


    No warranty coverage for purchases from overseas. 

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