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Round Wood Nebuliser

Round Wood Nebuliser


Round Wood Nebuliser 


An intelligently designed ultrasonic diffuser to disperse essential oil into the air by breaking down the oil particles into micro molecules and diffusing it into the air as negative ion. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to unwind and create a relaxing atmosphere.





70mm width x 180mm height; with a mist output of 6-10ml/hr depending on the amount of essential oil dispensed

  • Direction

    Place glass beaker into the the device.

    Add essential oil (10 to 20 drops) of your choice to enhance scents into the glass beaker then connect the power cord.

    Press Once ON/OFF button (left) will power up device with lower mist and LED lights. Press twice to turn off the light function while mist is still in operation.

  • Specifications





    24 watt

  • Warranty

    All devices purchased locally in Singapore comes with a complimentary warranty for 180 days. 


    No warranty coverage for purchases from overseas. 

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