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Edge Aroma Diffuser
  • Edge Aroma Diffuser


    Edge Aroma Diffuser


    A silent, energy saving, user friendly and eco friendly diffuser suitable for rooms. This diffuser helps to purify & freshen indoor air quality. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to unwind and create a relaxing atmosphere.




    172mm width x 151mm height; with a water capacity of 700ml that is able to last for 6 to 9 hours each time


    • Specifications





      24 watt


      Mist Output


    • Direction

      Remove top cover and add cool tap water into water reserve.

      Add essential oil of choice and cover it back. Connect power cord.

      Press the 'ON/OFF' button (left) will switch on the device with low mist and LED changing lights.

      Press twice to fix light in one color while mist is still in operation.

      Press thrice to turn off LED light. Press the fourth time to switch off the device. To adjust mist settings, press the right button. Press once for medium setting and twice for high seetings. Do not shift device after refilling water.

    • Warranty

      All devices purchased locally in Singapore comes with a complimentary warranty for 180 days. 


      No warranty coverage for purchases from overseas. 

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